It’s summer and it’s cosplay photo time again. Summer and cosplay means the obligatory beach scenes featuring people in swimsuits. Indeed, if you have watched animation shows (mainly anime), at some point you would have the main characters go out to the beach, for no story reason, usually other than fan service. But, in our world, the real world, it’s another opportunity for cosplayers to head out and being to life in a beach setting their favorite characters and looking good while doing it!

For me, it was a cool opportunity to get more practice in and to talk about what went right for me, and the mistakes I did. Off the bat, my biggest mistake was taking too much gear with me for the pace set on the group shoot and I had no car! I had a camp wagon with me, but to pull that with the gear I had on sand was brutal. It had a light stand, tripod, external flash, reflector and the usual beach things. Normally, not too bad on solid ground, but on sand, brutal! I’m still suffering from severe soreness in my lat muscles on one side from pulling super hard. Don’t do what I did unless you want to overwork your lats.

At the start with the group shoot pace going quick, it took more time for me to set up stuff and move around than it did actually shooting and I missed out on getting pictures of people. I did want to try out new gear, but, had no time. I was trying to do way too much. Next time, I’ll stick to making dedicated time to test stuff first than to try to test out in a shoot. More important to get out there and shoot when there’s a photo shoot and make dedicated time for testing gear later.

Once I made the call to screw the extra gear, the shoot went way better. Here are some shots. It was a sunny day with very good temperatures but the water was cold. We also had a spider-man (cosplayed by: @herbztiu) from the last cosplay gallery stop by to play some beach volleyball. Captain America (cosplayed by: @captain_cosplay_117) chilled with the group lending his shield here and there.

The organizer: @karaesthetikcosplays dressed up as Black Widow from the Avengers. She’s also dabbling in photo edits and took a stab at editing the last three images in this set that was shot in the shade. The flies there were hungry as heck; bring some strong repellent along with the sunscreen.

Next up was @cybergirl57cosplay who dressed up as Zatanna. I still have a lot of work to do on directing poses, as in coming up in my head the exact pose. When it comes to posing, for now, my style was for her to act out the character in the environment and through this, spot the pose that flatters while keeping to the character she’s trying to portray. Totally used my video direction skills here.

Here’s @black_cat_cosplay who dressed as, you guessed it, The Black Cat from Spider-man. From a creative standpoint it was the most fun photos I took because I really had to be all over the place. In the water, down low, at the side and even shots of just her reacting to good jokes by some of the other photographers there. I was able to catch her laughing but it was a great shot that made her look like she roared like a lion. These are reaction shots to stuff that just happens, so after the action or play ends, keep paying attention after the fact! You might get good shots out of it.

And lastly, Deadpool (cosplayed by @fictional.factum). At the beach, everyone pretty much knows what Deadpool will do. Don’t worry, he got taken care of. The first shot was okay, but Deadpool was slightly out of focus, just needed to up the f-stop slightly more I think.

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