Because, there is only one way to look and that’s up (if up is forward that is.)

When I started out, I told people that I wanted to build my own media empire. So, I did, a small one, in 2001. This was well before iPhones and social media where standard definition digital video, tapes and a few gigabytes reigned supreme. It’s all different today. The big platforms are now the social networks and the screens that matter today are the ones that travel with you in your pocket.

From being a university’s master control production assistant to a senior developer, I’ve delivered content and product to power brands and sporting leagues. If you need more details on my historic work, check out my selected projects or my LinkedIn profile. They’re the best places to get the details.

If you’ve been around any of my sites, this must be, my eighth or ninth version of my site? But hey, I’d thought I’d take another crack at building a digital media empire filled with interesting stuff to talk about. It’s easier than ever and many people like yourself, have done it. I can learn from you just by checking out your social media feeds. I pledge to be noisy and telling you how awesome or how crappy your work is. Depending on my mood of course.

I’ll try new things, remix old things and see where things go. If you’ve been with me from back when I was around your sport or industry, thanks for sticking with me. If you’re new, welcome! Ask me any questions if you want to know more. I’ll let my creations speak for themselves.

Stay tuned.  

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