Now for the result from the photo experiments at the Toronto Pro. So as you read in the previous post from the Toronto Pro, I did both the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Physique only. Most of the pics from the other divisions were misses because of things in the way of my shot.

2019 IFBB Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Video Clips
2019 IFBB Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Photo Gallery
Hyperforce Strength Competition at the 2019 Toronto Pro Supershow Gallery (Sunday)

So, if you’re looking for photos from the other divisions or from people who I didn’t post up here, try Canada’s own Muscle Insider, and the NPC’s own news site.

I didn’t have time to edit these and just stuck with the shots I liked the most. By far, my most favorite shot was Eleonora Dobrinina’s with the flying, superhero-like hair. Remember all of the web pages that say for fast action, you need at least 1/500th shutter speed? They were not kidding! Look at how straight and natural the hair looks in the air. Even the shot before that, you got some wicked curves going on there. I mean the hair.

I’ll say I have a better appreciation for how hair adds to the whole presentation on people and you’ll see why when you look at how Marjorie Beck’s braids flows over her physique, as well as Michelle Steeves’ hair adding to her overall posing aesthetics.

Pics from Hyperforce’s Strength Event on Sunday will be posted in a moment (I’m putting together the gallery as you read this).


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