I heard one of my friends who I profiled before waaaaay back in the kmaxmedia.com days, Marivi Barrios, was competing in a strength event at the Toronto Pro. That profile I wrote was when she competed as a bodybuilder.

2019 IFBB Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Video Clips
2019 IFBB Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Photo Gallery
Hyperforce Strength Competition at the 2019 Toronto Pro Supershow Gallery (Sunday)

The strength competition was promoted by Hyperforce. I was only there for the Sunday events which were (as you might have guessed), the women’s events and the novice men’s.

Unlike the bodybuilding photos, there was only the natural lighting for this event. As a result, my shutter speed had to go down to let in more light. I used an F4 zoom lens here and had the ISO at 3200. I probably might have been able to get away with 6400. I can see why in some cases going the extra mile, that mile costing an extra $1800, for an F2.8 zoom lens. So I had more misses or motion blurs. It wasn’t too bad but, more good shots were missed. All were shot handheld.

If I was producing revenue generated content, I probably would have rented these faster lenses. I’m thankful I finally went full frame when the tech is better and could use higher ISOs without much penalty. So tired of image noise.

If I have time, I might add video clips, but very doubtful. It’s going to be a super busy summer training, producing and getting out there.


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