The Hamilton Pull for Pride raised over $6200 for Hamilton Trans Health Coalition and the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic’s Queer Justice Project.

On Pride Weekend, the Women’s Strength Coalition brought together multiple Pull for Pride fundraisers in different cities across the US and NOW in Canada as well breaking the international border. The Hamilton event was organized by Frances Manias. You might have seen her in another power-lifting related project I did photos for.

From the Ironsisterhood Instagram:

“From World Champions and Record Holders to first time lifters, young (12) and older (68), we came together and united in our strengths and did some extraordinary things!”

I’m proud to support this and contribute photos from this event! The camera worked well and I only needed the F/4 24-105 lens. The event took place at the Dundas Driving Park.

I had tried using Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile app to connect to my phone and get images out quicker, but it kept failing to connect even though it worked fine when I tried it at home.  Nonetheless, I’m glad the photos came out well in all the vivid colors! 


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