Hey, it’s me. A quick note that I will be at the Metro Toronto Convention Center this Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd for the Toronto Pro Supershow. I’ll be decked out with the new photography gear and taking shots all around the expo. Since I’m working on building a digital media portfolio and content for this site, I’m interested in working with anyone looking to do shoots and profiles/interviews. I’d do it for free as long as I can use them to promote my work.

And if you’re wondering about my experience, I have been published, I’ve also produced content in bodybuilding and I’ve been around the Toronto Pro before. So if you see me there, let’s talk. 

In the meantime, here’s some photos and videos I took from previous Toronto Pro Shows. So if you like these, make sure you go to the expo, check out the competitions and support the athletes. Go to www.torontoprosupershow.com for all the info and to buy tickets. I will see you there!

2016 IFBB Toronto Pro Championships – Women’s Physique Prejudging (Clip)
2016 IFBB Toronto Pro Championships – Women’s Figure Prejudging (Clip)
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