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I'm ready
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why work with Me?

Your digital ideas get done.

For over ten years, employers, brands and clients have counted on me to develop and deliver digital projects. As a Digital Media Developer, I take a look at the big picture and the pieces that are needed bring your ideas to reality. 

What I do

Skills of focus

Being a Digital Media Developer, I am not tied down to just one skill. 

Different projects call for different skills and needs. I’m flexible in that I’ve taken on multiple roles to help drive projects to completion.  

Website Development

Building websites both frontend and backend that powers your content and promotions. I have experience in both WordPress and Drupal.

Digital Marketing

When you need to deliver your messages to digital consumers through SEO, social media and promotion channels. These are my latest areas of study.

Digital Content Production

To capture the moment or deliver the message, I've done content work in both photos and videos to be delivered online.


Having been in the digital space for over 10 years, I can share my knowledge, research and strategy on bringing your ideas to life.


Featured Projects

Here are a few digital projects I recently worked on. 

AI and Digital Publishing

The Daily Amazon

Amazonian and strong women culture multi-platform brand.

Ecommerce & online learning

Modernizing a women’s powerlifting training website with ecommerce and online courses.

Digital marketing

It's Not Therapy

Building digital marketing for a radio and podcast show centered on mental health. 

let's talk digital

I'm ready to design, build and deliver digital to you.